Italian Solo Trip I

My Solo Trips are a dear project of mine, well... not quite a project as a series of teeny-tiny adventures. Two years ago I decided that it is time to travel alone, to see how it feels to be a solo traveler. My first trip expectations went from "it will be amazing to be all alone and to make all the photos I want" to "OMG, I'm going to be all alone!"!
Finally I decided that I shouldn't be alone at night so I went to Italy and stayed with senora Marisa, a spectacular lady with the most amazing life stories (maybe in a later post I'll tell you how her aunt got to marry the mayor of London 😉). She made me feel welcomed, she made me feel like home and I must thank her for the most authentic Italian experience!
Because I don't want to bore you with a very long text, I'm going to make three separate posts about Italy. The first one will be mostly me babbling about my solo trips (see first paragraph) and a few words regarding Ravenna and San Marino. The second will be about Venice, because it was my favorite part from Italy and because Venice deserves a special post and the third one will be Bologna and Dozza Imolese. 
Ever since I got in Italy I knew it was going to be a good trip. That night I had dinner with Alina and Andrea, made some plans, explained to them what I want to do during my stay and promise to keep sending them updates regularly, slept at 3:30am and promise to wake up at 08am!
I managed to get up probably around 9 and in my first day there I visited Ravenna, a very small and coquet city in the Emilia-Romagna region of Northern Italy. (small info: Ravenna was the capital city of the Western Roman Empire from 402 until 476) Besides the fact that I really enjoyed the streets and the architecture, the first thing I noticed about Italians is that they take their siesta quite seriously. Until 5p.m, the streets were completely empty!

In my second day I had lunch and a glass of wine (because what is lunch without wine, in Italy?) at the oldest restaurant in Cesena, Da Michileta! Don't miss it if you're around! First thing I've learned in my second day was that in every restaurant wine glasses are way bigger than water glasses, which is pretty cool for a wine lover like me. 
Headed to San Marino right after Cesena and walked around all that beautiful country! (small info: San Marino is the fifth smallest country in world and third smallest in Europe.)  Great landscapes, beautiful view points and nice places in nature where you can just breathe and relax. 
At San Marino, for the first time in Italy, I had a down moment and it was when I entered a Christmas Shop. (small info: in San Marino you will find a permanent Christmas Shop!) It's a wonderful store: it was like someone took everything I like about Christmas and every Christmas story I've ever read and put them all together in there! I entered, I was excited, but after 20 seconds I felt so lonely that I bursted into tears and ran out of there! I told myself that we should come together there and moved on!
My second day ended great: I saw the sunset at the seaside and I took a wonderful night walk on the streets of Cesenatico!

Thank you for reading so far! ♥️