Italian Solo Trip II - Venice

Welcome back! ♥️ You can read part I here!
Now I'll continue my babbling about Italy and my teeny-tiny adventure as a solo traveler! As I told you in my previous post, I'll talk only about Venice, because it deserves her special place!
My 3rd day was all about Venice! I woke up very excited, at 7am, and I couldn't wait to get there! 
Got in the first train from Ravenna to Ferrara and I was impressed that it left the station and it arrived at the destination with absolutely no delay! (Coming from Romania that is a big thing! 😉)
I was a little disappointed when I saw that my train from Ferrara to Venice was delayed 20 minutes. But I said to myself "Ok, no problem, I can wait! In fact, I'm used to wait!" But my disappointment grew and my patience ran out when from 20 minutes I saw a 30 minutes delay, then 40... yeap! 49 minutes I had to wait for my train! 
#trenitalia I'm sorry but you were my biggest disappointment from Italy! 
Oh, about Venice! Where to start? I only had 5 hours there so I should keep it short and intense, just like my day there! That city is simply wonderful, it is  a truly unique place to be and a place to feel! The colors, the smells, the boats, the streets: there is magic in everything! And those 5 hours were me time: to wander, to explore and to simply be in Venice! It was awesome! Oh, and I tried to be as anti romance as I could: gondolas were too touristic, I don't like feeding pigeons anyway, I can eat ice cream by myself, narrow streets were just for one person and so on. But I also admit that approximately half the time I was there, while I was walking around town, I was on FaceTime with my SO. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to be happy! 😉 Of course I didn't had enough time to discover the real beauty of Venice, but I promised myself that I'll come back to spend at least 3 days there! 
My advice for you: when you go in Venice make time to be in Venice! I know it sounds weird, but try to: watch, see, explore, smell, feel, breath, enjoy and just be! 

Thank for reading so far!