Greek Escapade

It’s not easy to travel solo but every trip has thought me something. When I left for Athens I was wondering what more can I learn about myself. On Venice I found out that I can enjoy a romantic city if I ignore all the touristic stuff around me, in Barcelona I learned to eat dinner by myself in a restaurant and in Germany that I’m not a weirdo if I walk alone in the rain with a camera!

Well, Athens showed me that I can stand up for myself and it made me realize that I’m the only one responsible for my happiness!

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Italian Solo Trip III

You can find part one (Ravenna and San Marino) - here and part II ( Venice) - here
After my 5 wonderful hours in Venice, in my last day in Italy I decided that it's time for Bologna! (small info: Bologna is know as "Red City" (la rossa) and previous nicknames were "The Learned One" (la dotta) and "The Fat One" (la grassa) ).

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