Greek Escapade

It’s not easy to travel solo but every trip has thought me something. When I left for Athens I was wondering what more can I learn about myself. On Venice I found out that I can enjoy a romantic city if I ignore all the touristic stuff around me, in Barcelona I learned to eat dinner by myself in a restaurant and in Germany that I’m not a weirdo if I walk alone in the rain with a camera!

Well, Athens showed me that I can stand up for myself and it made me realize that I’m the only one responsible for my happiness!

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Our African Adventure I

When we got to the first stop, I was brave and fearless! Around stop no. 2 my thoughts about quitting came to mind, but the view from above kept me going! After stop no. 3 I really wanted to quit, but having Cornel encouraging and pushing me (sometimes literally) kept me going! At stop no. 4 I was convinced that I’m not gonna make it. I was seriously thinking that I can camp there until the next day when my husband will pick me up, on his way down. But after our 5th stop I couldn’t think anymore and the only words I kept repeating to myself were “one foot in front of the other, one foot in front of the other, one foot in front of the other”. The lack of oxygen was no help also! 😅 That was until...

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