Shoot & Share

We let our fears drive our life, we compare our work with others, without realizing that they went through the same insecurities, that they doubt themselves just like we do, that they still compare themselves with others who they consider that are better than they are! And that is great, we should never stop comparing, we should never stop reaching higher, just don’t let that feeling to pull you back and stopping you from living in the moment!


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Greek Escapade

It’s not easy to travel solo but every trip has thought me something. When I left for Athens I was wondering what more can I learn about myself. On Venice I found out that I can enjoy a romantic city if I ignore all the touristic stuff around me, in Barcelona I learned to eat dinner by myself in a restaurant and in Germany that I’m not a weirdo if I walk alone in the rain with a camera!

Well, Athens showed me that I can stand up for myself and it made me realize that I’m the only one responsible for my happiness!

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Our African Adventure II

... I was minding my own business🚽, hubby was, of course, outside the tent, when I hear him scream to quickly come out so I can see something! It wasn’t the best moment, but I pulled up my pants and mumbling and grumbling I went outside! And there, in the middle of Lake Kivu, in the heart of Africa, being the only people on a moon shaped island, we saw the most beautiful thing ever!

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