Italian Solo Trip III

Welcome back, fellow friend! ♥️
You can find part one (Ravenna and San Marino) - here and part II ( Venice) - here
After my 5 wonderful hours in Venice, in my last day in Italy I decided that it's time for Bologna! (small info: Bologna is know as "Red City" (la rossa) and previous nicknames were "The Learned One" (la dotta) and "The Fat One" (la grassa) ).
The word of the day was ARCHWAYS! In Bologna everywhere you look you'll find an arcade! No chance of getting wet or needing an umbrella in a rainy day, those arcades will protect you. Too sunny? Arcades are also there for you! (small info: you have more than 40 km of porticos, which makes Bologna an unique city world wide). 
Bologna is beautiful, with a very nice history and great architecture! It's a bit more crowded that I expected to be, but it's possible to be just my opinion because I was used with the lack of cars from all the cities I've previously visited. 
I remember that I told myself that I shouldn't have visited Bologna right after Venice, so this is my advise to you: try to go to Bologna before Venice, so you won't be as disappointed as I was! 

After I finished my visit in Bologna I went to a beautiful, beautiful place called Dozza Imolese! It's a charming little village hidden in the hills between Imola and Bologna and it's famous for its fortress and wall murals!
After all the noise from Bologna, arriving in that quite place was magic! The unusual outdoor frescoes painted along the streets (small info: the paintings are the result of a long-standing competition which is being held every other year since 1960s) give a special je ne sais quoi to that place! It was a real pleasure to visit it and it made my day wonderful! 
It was the perfect way to end my first solo trip! 

Thank you for reading so far!